Laser Dentistry

Dental lasers allow the doctors at Brush Rinse Floss to complete a wide variety of dental treatments with less discomfort, more accuracy, and minimal swelling.

Our nine office locations in the Detroit Metro area are all about treatments that make for a more comfortable and convenient experience; that’s why dental lasers are a popular tool with our team.

Here are some of the additional benefits of dental lasers at Brush Rinse Floss:

  • Procedures can be done without the need for unpleasant dental drilling
  • It helps treat, relieve discomfort, and heal canker/cold sores faster
  • Removes more decay while avoiding problems like micro-fracturing caused by friction from dental drills
  • Can do some treatments with little to no local anesthesia, making procedures quicker and even requiring fewer appointments
  • Periodontal treatment is more manageable, allowing us to remove infected tissue more efficiently and with less discomfort
  • Reduces post-operative discomfort and allows for areas like the gums to heal faster after treatment

There are many more things these impressive pieces of dental hardware can accomplish, like recontouring the gumline for patients looking to correct a “gummy smile” with a faster healing time!

Brush Rinse Floss only uses the latest techniques and dental technology to get the job done; that’s why we are pleased to say that dental lasers are a go-to tool for our teams!

Book an appointment at any of our nine offices in the Detroit Metro area today and learn more about how Brush Rinse Floss can use dental lasers to improve one of your most important personal assets—your smile!

Thinking about Laser Treatment?

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